A. Requirements

Models have to meet the following basic requirements:

- Must have good complexion and toned figure.
- Must be willing to work in prints, events and television commercials.
- Must exhibit a positive attitude, high work drive, be adventurous and exhibit a willingness to try new ideas and concepts. Show us that you are someone special, possessing qualities that will make heads turn!

1. Minimum height 1.75m.
2. 18 to 26 years old

1. (Locals) Minimum 1.58m in height.
2. (Overseas) Preferably 1.75m and above.
3. 16 to 26 years old.

Requirements for female models are more stringent than males.
- Female applicants should be expressive and vocal.
- Ability to act is a plus.
- Female models should preferably be daring enough to model in swimwear.

- Males and females with pleasant looks but above 26 years are welcome to apply but will be categorised as commercial talents instead.

Please click here to read the FAQ before deciding whether you wish to be a model.

Note for models based in foreign countries: We are currently dealing with models based in other countries on direct bookings only and for stay in other countries. We are not importing models into Singapore for stay. Contact us only if you are interested in direct bookings or going overseas to other countries for stay. Models based within 4hours drive from Singapore, ie. Melaka and Johor, are welcome to apply and will NOT be categorised under direct bookings but instead will be placed on normal bookings similar to local models as long as you are willing to travel to Singapore to work. However, you will have to bear the cost of accomodations if you choose to stay overnight before or after a project is completed.

B. How to send in your application to become our model?

Note: Before sending your information and data to us, please take some time to read our privacy policy regarding how we handle your personal information and data. By sending your information and data to us, you are deemed to have consented to our collection, usage, disclosure and processing of your personal information and data.

Step 1: Take snapshots of yourself (in light natural makeup or you may choose to do it without any makeup). The snapshots should include a frontal headshot, a full length frontal shot and a half body frontal shot. Please do not send makeover photos. There is no need to go to a professional studio to have your portfolio done. Snapshots using a simple digital camera taken in a well lit environment will suffice. For photos taken using a mobile phone, we will only accept if the phone camera has a resolution of at least 1.3MP. If you fit our criteria, we will create your portfolio for you at our own cost. Photos attached to applications should have height at least 450pixels. Applications with photos that are too small for us to see your face and figure clearly will be rejected.

Step 2: Copy and paste the following rows to your email

Vital Stats (in inches):    
Height (m):
Weight (kg):   
Eye Colour:  
Hair Colour:    
Shoe Size:      
Clothes Size:   
Date of Birth  (dd/mmm/yyyy):
Home Tel:

Step 3: Fill in the details for the rows that you had just copied.

Step 4: Attached the snapshots you had taken in Step 1 to the email. Models with prior work experience should also attach your portfolio in addition to the snapshots.

Step 5:Type "Application to be a Model" as the subject header in the email.

Step 6: Send your application to kirk@perspectivesmodels.com. Emails above 10Mb should be directed to perspectivesmodels@gmail.com

We do not accept applications made by parents on behalf of their children. We require models to show that they can be independent, to think on their own and work  without being nannied by their parents.

If you are actively involved in shoots organised in internet discussion forums, please do not apply.  

Alternatively you may send in your application to the following address:

Perspectives Models Pte Ltd
Robinson Road Post Office
PO Box 2062
Singapore 904062

C. What happens after you send in your application?

We will contact you asap within 36hours to find out more about you, if we feel that your physical appearance fits our requirements. Thereafter an interview will be conducted to assess your personality, character, motivations and aspirations to further determine suitability.

If you are contacted to attend an interview:
1. For females, please turn up in light natural makeup and preferably a figure hugging dress.
2. For the males, please turn up in smart casual attire.

We will need to check what you look like in actual person, what is your behaviour, how articulate you are, whether you are able to groom yourself well and what is your current body condition. Candidates with non ideal body conditions will be asked to work on improving their condition.

Snapshots will be taken during the interview, your vital stats and your height (if possible), will be measured.

If you have any questions, please prepare them so that you may ask the interviewer. Each interview is expected to last about an hour.