A. Models

Models offer the best form of interactivity to your events. They can interact with your customers and help promote your products/services. With their beauty, they will attract more attention and enable your marketing drive to reach more people. Models must be properly styled in order to achieve the desired visual impact. With proper styling of their outfits, they add colours and vibe to the entire atmosphere, bringing more life to your event. We can advise you on what sort of styles you need in order to achieve the type of atmosphere you desire for your marketing event.

B. Fashion Shows

For fashion shows, stages can be built to your specifications. We can also provide the necessary support of sound system and show choreography. Clients are advised that Category 6 Public Entertainment licence may be required for staging of fashion shows unless exempted under the Public Entertainment and Meetings (Exemptions) Order. Please click on this link to find out more.

C. Customised Costumes

We are able to get costumes for models specially designed to fit each model's body using PVC, stretchable lycra, satin etc, to get the exact visual effect you are looking for. Lead time for costume design and manufacture is at least 2 weeks.

We can also help you source for ready to wear footwear, outfits and dresses from retail outlets. Ready to wear outfits are usually more affordable than customised costumes. Contact us for a quote.

D. A complete package

We can offer a package consisting of models, makeup support, styling of outfits, photography coverage as well as hosts for your events.