This section is meant to address questions that clients might have when considering whether to book models through an agency. Potential models who are researching on how agencies assist models should refer to the other FAQ under the section "Be a Model". 

1. Why do we need to get models from an agency?

Agencies have quality controls in place to ensure that models meet minimum requirements before they are presented for jobs. If you have a need for large numbers of models, only an agency will be able to supply you. In such cases, should an emergency arise and a model has to be replaced, an agency would be able to get a replacement for you easily. The agency is also in charge of coordination with the models so that you are free from the hassles of coordinating schedules and handling enquiries/phone calls with multiple models.

Payment will also be done through the agency. The agency will be in charge of paying the models.

Clients should be careful to engage the services of only legal agencies registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore ("ACRA") and licensed to carry out a business.   

2. How do I choose a model for my event or advertisment?

You can either pick a model from the compcards or you can hold a casting/audition to meet the models in person. The latter option is recommended if you are doing a TVC as you need to see whether the model can act. Alternatively, we can cast the models on your behalf, record their videos, take their updated snapshots and send all the relevant materials to you for viewing so that you can select. In such an instance, you will not need to set aside a few hours to wait for the models to appear and cast them.

3. What are our rates?

Our rates are dependent on the details of the job. Please provide all details while requesting for a quotation.

If you are mixing models from different agencies together, doing the same job scope and timing, it is recommended that the models are offered the same rate to be fair to them. Models will inevitably discuss about the job among themselves prior to commencing. Any rate disparity can result in severe consequences for your operations as they will seek to renegotiate rates to be adjusted to the highest rate offered to their peers. This is an important point that all clients should take note when hiring models.

4. What is media loading?

Media loading is another way to call a (licensing) fee for image usage rights. In countries with privacy law, such as USA , companies need to obtain permission from the person(s) whose image(s) they intend to use so that they can get the rights to use the image(s).  The person(s) is compensated a fair amount of money in return for giving the companies the right to use hisher image(s). The loading/fee varies depending on the usage, depending on factors such as duration of use, country of use, type of media used in etc.

5. Where and when should castings/auditions be held?

We would recommend that castings and auditions be held during the day between 10am to 9pm. Locations should either be at offices or studios with a fixed address.

6. How many days advance notice should I give for castings/auditions.

You should inform the agency preferably at least one day in advance so that the models can be contacted and sent for the castings.

7. See flowchart below for workflow on choosing models

8. Can I provide the name and photos of a specific model and ask the agency to look for this model for my project?

If the model is currently represented by our agency, we will be able to assist you with your request. If you are looking for a model that is not represented by our agency, we will not be able to help you.