Asian Supermodel 2012

Location: Nanning, Guangxi, China

Duration: 19 to 30 Sep 2012

Background information
Official website for Asian Supermodel 2012

Asian Super Model Contest is organized by China Fashion Designers Association, Guangxi TV and China Bentley Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Countries that took part this year were  China, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Bashkir, Sri Lanka, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Singapore. The contest was held in Nanning, Guangxi.

This year, we sent 2 models to represent Singapore, Dacy and Diana. Our selection is not biased against any agency. Models from any Singapore agency can take part. Perspectives Models believe in promoting Singaporean models abroad, regardless of the agency.
Many thanks to Rumah Kim Choo and their designer, Raymond Wong for sponsoring the Peranakan kebayas meant for use in the contest. Rumah Kim Choo is located at 109A East Coast Road (

Fitting for the traditional kebaya on 10 Sep